The balusters are manufactured from massive wood, different varieties: beech, oak, linden or fir tree, in a variety of colours. The size, the colour, the model and the material can be modified according to the client’s specifications. The elements shown below represent only a small part of the models that can be manufactured (for other models, please visit the section with the flower holders the axis of which – the main pylon – can also be used as a baluster). Any other model type suggested by the client can be executed following a feasibility analysis.

The delivery of the balusters will be done in blocks or as individual pieces.

The manufacturing time of a baluster can vary between 5 and 120 minutes, depending on the model complexity. The finishing process (staining, priming, varnish or painting) is optional and it can take up to a maximum of 2 days.


Name: Intermediate spiral baluster

Dimension: H: 800 mm

Material Type: Painted-Pinewood

Weight: 1,7 kg

Code: BI03B

Name: Staircase end baluster

Dimension: H: 1000mm

Material Type: Beech – unfinished

Weight: 4,5 kg

Code: BC01F

Name: Staircase end baluster with sphere

Dimension: H: 1117 mm

Material Type: Beech – unfinished

Weight:  5,1 kg

Code: BC01FS

Name: Intermediate spiral baluster

Dimension: H: 800 mm

Material Type: Beech – unfinished

Weight: 2 kg

Code: BI01F

Name: Turned staircase end baluster

Dimension: H: 1100 mm

Material Type: Beech – stained

Weight: 4 kg

Code: BC02F

Name: Turned intermediate baluster

Dimension: H: 900 mm

Material Type: Beech – stained

Weight: 1,2 kg

Code: BI02F

Name: Helicoid ornament

Dimension: H: 500 mm – 1300 mm

Material Type: Beech – unfinished

Weight: 1 kg

Code: SS01F