About Us

  • INNOVATION:  We are a small company who brings on the market a new concept, with a team who relies on a modern vision which uses a new technology and it is willing to adapt to all costumers requirements. We practice the best prices on the market.
  • DESIGN: Our products are the rezult of unique concepts and they are made with the finest accuaracy on the basis of software programs.
  • PRECISION EQUIPMENT:  The execution is made on machine tools with CNC and high quality testing tools.
  • MATERIALS: The raw materials are made of wood blades glued toghether by a mechanical high-pressing process with a layer from the same category with lengthwise oriented fiber. This material type gives a great advantage because it improves strenght and rigidity by reducing and eliminating the negative influence of the wooden knots on the products, eliminates the distortions caused by drying and increases the product homogenity..
  • ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION: Our products are environmentally  friendly because the fabrication process aims at minimizing the amount of resulting waste, and in finishing, ar used non-toxic and water based materials.
  • USAGE: The final products can be used in restaurants, hotels,  pensions, reception lobbies, kindergartens, houses, etc.